Hello, Beautiful!

“Hello Beautiful”, he said
Taking her hand as she lay on the bed
A tender kiss, and gently strokes her hair.
She looks up with a childlike stare
“Do I know you” her confused mind enquired
And closed her eyes again, so tired.

Sixty years ago,
They met by chance
Introduced at a St Patrick’s Day dance
Some enchanted evening
Their eyes met across the crowded floor
“Hello Beautiful” he thought

Her parents didn’t approve of the match
But they loved each other for so long
A golden marriage proved them wrong.
A house and garden made from scratch
And filled with music, love and noise
To raise five children, then grandchildren
A dynasty, five girls, eight boys

Some might think an ordinary life
Worked as secretary, draughtsman, teacher, and retired
Content as man and wife
To potter in the garden, model trains,
Write poetry, in peace and quiet

Later, when she became ill
He learned to cope, and loved her still
He cared for her night and day
“Hello Beautiful” he’d still say
Then she was gone
And that was done

An old photo found, a happy couple in black and white
Restored and framed as good as new
Together, young forever, faces bright
There on the shelf in full view
So he can just look up and say
“Hello Beautiful”, every day.


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