Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!

There is something I want
A glimmer of interest has become an obsession
The more I think about it, the more I want it. My possession

Take your time, plan carefully.
Plenty of hard work and trust to fate
Good things come to those who wait

The anticipation is killing me
What if something goes wrong, gets in the way?
Maybe today will not be my day

You can only do your best
Act cool. Keep your head
Think about something else instead

I can’t get it out of my mind.
I’ll be shattered if it’s taken from me
What if I can’t do it, if it’s not to be?

Everything will work out right
Don’t worry about the rest
Just as long as you do your best

I have to get it.
Who else is better than me?
Will they get there first? Maybe

Then how would you feel?
How will you cope?
Will this failure mean the loss of all hope?

I can’t imagine life without it
It has to be mine.
I have to believe it will all be just fine.

So don’t get your hopes up
We’ll have to wait and see
Que sera! What will be, will be………..

So that’s it, all over, its done
My chance has gone
How will I ever get my hopes up again

But that was then, and things move on
Was no big deal, I was wrong
Because something better came along


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