Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies –
a birthday surprise

“A boy’s own adventure –
Sailing round the world
To visit rare islands and creatures
And people from different cultures
To have some fun,
While I’m free and young”

“I miss my boy, my joy and pride,
18 months he’s been away,
out of touch for weeks at sea.
a map and pen to work out where.
And now he’s reached the other side
maybe we can visit him there”

He’s hatched a plan
to catch a plane.
24 hours he flies
for a birthday surprise.
Sshh! keep Mum
and tell no-one.
Countless times we lied
the secret to hide,
and all worthwhile
for hugs, and smiles
and tears of unexpected joy,
and see my sister
hold her boy.



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