Dear EU

Dear European Union,

Despite everything that has happened this last year, I still believe that a democratic Government’s responsibility is to make the best decisions they know how, in the best interests of their citizens.

The demented behavior of the minority May Government must surely be a blip – a temporary knee-jerk reaction to fear, ignorance and short-termism, spurred on by right-wing media and extremists. Surely they will come to their senses and realise that they have a responsibility to go above and beyond the petty, punitive stance of “well you said you wanted it, now you have to live with the consequences!”

But just in case they don’t, I call on the European Union, and all the democratically elected Governments of our European colleagues, to do everything they can to protect the British people from the madness of Brexit. I call to mind all children, and parents of those children, who ever shouted “I hate you!” but didn’t really mean it, or understand what the consequences would be if their parents took them at their word.

Will the European Union stand in ‘loco parentis’, and rise above the petulance of our British Government and the tantrums of a few, and do what is best, in the long-term interests of the majority?


A Proud European



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