The Ten Demandments

Came across this recently and really liked it so thought I’d share – Kelly Mooney’s Ten Demandments: what customers want, without all the nonsense of setting measurable targets.

  1. Earn my trust through respect, integrity, advocacy and quality.
  2. Inspire me through immersive experiences, motivating messages and related philanthropy.
  3. Make it easy with simplicity, speed and usefulness.
  4. Put me in charge of making choices and give me control.
  5. Guide me with expert advice, education and information.
  6. Give me 24/7 access, from anywhere, at anytime.
  7. Get to know me — listen, learn and study me, the real consumer, not just data.
  8. Exceed my expectations with uncommon courtesies and surprising services.
  9. Reward me with points programs, privileges of access or other worthwhile extras.
  10. Stay with me with follow through and meaningful follow-up.