Good Business Sense and the End of Innovation

You see, we experienced managers have learned over the years how to organise resources, manage risks and finances, record progress, set targets and report performance data. Honed and standardised over decades, our well-established practices provide comfort and control.

But do they respond well to the challenges of a fast-moving, digital and complex workplace? – No!

“That’s a good idea! Can you write up a business case setting out the predicted costs and measurable outcomes, for the Management Team to consider?”
“Hmmm… No”

“Great suggestion! Let’s get more people involved by setting up a Working Group”
“Pfff… No!”

“Good news, your proposal has been agreed. We’ve set up a Project Board to oversee delivery”
“Oh No!”

“Can you let us have a project plan with key milestones and resource requirements?”
“Just No!”

“Yes! it’d be great if you could do that. And while you’re at it can you do this, this and this as well?”
“No, No, NO!”

“Focusing is about saying “no”. And when you say “no” you piss off people”
Steve Jobs
“The difference between successful people & very successful people is
very successful people say “no” to almost everything.”
Warren Buffet

Can you encourage your teams to say “no”?

And what should you say “no” to?


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