Why Do I Love Being an Interim?

I’ve been doing interim roles on and off (well naturally!) for 15 years, and I am often asked by my client colleagues why I prefer the ‘nomadic’ lifestyle to being permanently employed.

If you’re thinking about starting interim management, then here’s my top 5 things I love about being an interim; if you are already an interim manager, please share your thoughts on why it’s a great way to work.

5. Contrary to some expectations, interim management is more than just covering a recruitment gap (an ‘inbetweener’, if you will:-). It’s an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective and provide great FOCUS for those 3, 4, or 6 months, on what are the key issues and which ones I can tackle to make a real and lasting difference.

4. I prefer working as an interim, to being a consultant. By working within the normal management structures and processes of the organisation, I can use my experience, knowledge and skills to INFLUENCE strategy, behaviours, working practices, and embed changes, rather than making recommendations and moving on.

3. On every assignment, in every organisation, I enjoy LEARNING new things, at a faster rate than being in the same place for years. So, instead of settling down, I take on new challenges, and I can keep sharing what I’ve learned with each new client.

2. I meet wonderful, committed, skilled and supportive PEOPLE, many of whom I keep in touch with as friends, mentors and a professional network, who sustain me over the years.

1. My greatest pride and satisfaction comes from COACHING other managers, sharing focussing and influencing techniques, supporting them in taking on new challenges and helping them to develop their skills so that I leave the team stronger when I move on.



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