Songs of Innocence and lost faith

I’m not entirely sure why I’m so affronted by apple’s decision to ‘give’ me a copy of U2’s album! I got their early stuff – remember “War” and “Boy” anyone? But their appeal faded over the years in direct proportion to the size of their venues and egos and I don’t want their new album in my personally crafted music playlists. But why should I care? I don’t have to listen to it!

I should point out that I am an ‘apple target market’ – yeh, desk-top, laptop, tablet, phone, and probably watch soon. And I love their uncompromising approach to design, functionality, quality and marketing. Well, up to now…. I think they’ve got this wrong.

Did apple ask any customers if they wanted U2 imposed on them? Why didn’t they offer the choice to download it for free?

Choice matters to people. Maybe a lifelong career in public service, railing against “we know best” policies and culture has made me ultra-sensitive. Just because something is free – given by our wonderful welfare state or by the ‘beneficent’ apple, doesn’t mean that the recipient should be grateful, it it’s not what they want, or need.

So come on apple! Us public sector types are always being lectured about needing to be more customer-focused, more personalised, less ‘one-size-fits-all’. Maybe it’s just a tad gratifying to see a major world player fall into the same trap 🙂


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